Founding of the EPPM

After a few months gestation period, the EPPM was officially formed in June 2007 when the foundation executive committee was formed.

In this first executive committee there were 7 clinicians, 5 photo-biologists/photo-chemists and 4 representatives of industry.

Clinicians: Colin Hopper (UK), Patrice Jichlinski (CH), Herwig Kostron (AU), Thiery Patrice (FR), Keyvan Moghissi (UK) and Aleksander Seiron (PL).

Photobiologists: Giulio Jori (IT), Heinrich Walt (CH), Yoram Soloman (IS), Hrvoje Zorc (HR) and David Russell (UK)

Representatives of Industry: Didier Boucher (FR-Axcan Pharma), Winrich Raushning (DE –Biolitec), Bjorn Klem NO- Photocure) and Diego Provvidini (IT-Negma).

Several further meetings of the founding committee took place in Paris, Zurich and in London to formulate the constitution of the Platform and to decide upon the first scientific conference.

At the general meeting of members which was held during the EPPM-1 in Dubrovnik some of these issues were raised. Also, the first council and the executive officers of the EPPM were nominated and voted in as follows:

  • President for 2008: Keyvan Moghissi
  • Vice President: Herwig Kostron
  • Secretary General: Giulio Jori
  • Treasurer: David Russell
  • Councilors: Colin Hopper, Hrvoje Zorc, Yoram Solomon, Kristian Berg, Aleksander Sieron, Patrice Jichlinski, Heinrich Walt
  • Representative of industry: Winrich Raushning


The first Congress of EPPM in Dubrovnik March 2007

The first meeting of the newly formed European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine was hosted at the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. This proved to be a beautiful and highly popular venue, attracting delegates from Europe and around the world, including China, Russia and the US.

The EPPM has as one of its stated aims, the drawing together of scientists and clinicians for the furtherance of photodynamic medicine. This was effectively achieved at this meeting, with in-depth presentations from both the scientific and medical communities. These ranged from basic photochemistry and the newest photosensitisers, to those already well established therapies and early clinical results in a wide range of modalities of treatment.

The in-conference discussion was lively and relevant and carried over into the arranged events, proving to be an efficient and profitable networking forum; not only were old friendships re-visited but new ones established which will, no doubt, lead to flourishing working and research relationships.

The organising committee, particularly Professor Zorc, are to be sincerely congratulated for providing the infra-structure for a wonderful first meeting. The conference was opened by Professor Zorc, Professor Moghissi and Professor Jori on Tuesday the 25Th March and closed on Thursday the 27th March by Professor Zorc and Professor Moghissi the First President of the EPPM who thanked the organisers, the speakers and the participants. Thus ended the historic first conference of the EPPM.