Jan 2016 News Letter

The late Prof Giulio  Jori:

On 23 December 2014 EPPM lost one of its Founding Fathers Giulio Jori who passed away suddenly. Giulio was one of the Directors of the EPPM Company and its Secretary General till October 2014 when he proposed Aleksandra (Prof.Kawczyk-Krupka) to become the Secretary General.

Re-structuring of the EPPM:

  • The number of the Directors  of  EPPM Company are reduced to four after the passing away of  Giulio  and the retirement of two of the existing Directors namely: Professor David Russell and Professor Patrick Jichlinski who have stepped  down. The remaining / current Directors are:
  1.  Keyvan Moghissi (Chairman/Secretary of the Company)
  2. Ernest Allan ( Financial Director)
  3.  Colin Hopper (Director).
  4. Heinrich Walt (Director).
  • The EPPM Company Directors are going to be  Ex Officio  members of the Council. This is in order to have a better Joint involvement of the  Council members  and the Company Directors regarding issues affecting the EPPM.
  • Prof Gilles Gasser is stepping down as the Responsible for the EPPM Website, Prof Sam El Jamel is going to take on the role and replace Gilles.
  •  As of October 2015 EPPM has only an Sterling account with HSBC. The Euro account is closed as it was expensive to run 2 accounts.
  • the subscription of EPPM would need is be increased to £ 25 per annum, however for all conferences/or joint conferences involving EPPM, the paid members of EPPM will have a discount for registration between £10-15.
  • The readers of PD-PDT (the official journal of EPPM) would have noticed that, Keyvan Moghissi has stepped down from the position of Editor in Chief of PDPDT. Dr Ron Allison has succeeded him. Keyvan will continue as an Emeritus Editor of the journal.
  •  Mr Colin Hopper terms of office as the president of EPPM ended in December2015. The new President is Professor Alexsander Sieron a well known clinician and scientist well versed in PD and PDT. The current officers and members of the Council of EPPM are:
  1. Aleksander Sieron                               (Pl. President)
  2. Gilles Gasser                                        (Ch. Vice President)
  3. Aleksandra Kawzyk-Krupka                (Pl. Secretary)
  4. Ernest Allan                                          (UK.Treasurer)
  5. Keyvan Moghissi                                  (UK. Editor of EPPM proceedings)
  6. Sam Eljamel                                          (UK. Web Master)
  7. Christian Berg.
  8. Yoram  Salomon.
  9. Andrey Akopov

Ex-officio members of the Council, the Directors of EPPM Company are:

  1. Keyvan Moghissi……………. Chairman and the Secretary
  2. Ernest Allan  ………………….Financial Director
  3. Colin Hopper   ……………….. Director
  4. Heinrich Walt  …………………Director
  • PDT @RSM:

The one day symposium on PDT at the Royal Society of Medicine in London was held on the 30th November 2015 with participation of EPPM. The symposium was well attended, and the Feed Back evaluation indicating appreciation of the audience from the UK, Europe and USA.

This News Letter was submitted by Prof Keyvan Moghissi Jan 2016