EPPM mourns one of its founding members, Prof. Dr. Giulio Jori  Dec 23rd 2014:


It is with great sadness that the European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine has to report tha passing away of its co-founder, Prof. Dr. Giulio Jori on December 23rd 2014.

We would like to share with you a personal message of the vice-president of EPPM Prof. Dr.h.c. Alexander Sieroń and of the secretary of EPPM Assoc.Prof.Aleksandra Kawczyk-Krupka  EPPM Secretary as well as of his friend and organizer of the well-known Brixen meetings, Prof. Dr. Herwig Kostron, Innsbruck.

Dear EPPM members,

Unexpectedly , we learned about death of our dear  friend and scientist Giulio. This sad news means not only  a loss of distinguished academic  but also of a  really close friend . We built together our “photodynamic family” and Giulio was its essential and  irreplaceable part. Giulio Jori was the EPPM founder  and EPPM secretary for many years. Regular meetings organized by him and Herwig in Brixen have  created a  unique  opportunity to share our experiences , exchange ideas and achievements in the field of photodynamic diagnosis and therapy. During those twenty assemblies  we created an exceptional story of photodynamic, integrating  physicists, chemists, microbiologists and physicians.

Our grief and pain is even  more difficult  to  bare as it is not even two months when  we met again  in Brixen and Giulio, as always, was full of energy and optimism. He enthusiastically stimulated us  to implement new projects and  promoted further cooperation.

We will all miss him very much. As a president of the EPPM  I am sending  our condolences and words of support  to Gulio Jori’s family and the closes.

Concluding I would like ask each EPPM member for the integration and support to establish the project commemorating our friend Giulio Jori.

On behalf of the EPPM Management  I am  joining you all in pain and sorrow.

Nothing will be the same without him.

On behalf of EPPM Officers, Councilors and Members

Prof. Dr.h.c. Alexander Sieroń, Vice-President of EPPM

Assoc.Prof.Aleksandra Kawczyk- Krupka, Secretary of EPPM


Dear All,

A week ago Giulio wrote to me that he had some health problems but that he is fine now and looking forward to spend some time in the cabin in the mountains, especially since his wife Paola recovered from her heart surgery last summer. After that we wanted to meet to finally discuss the book with the contributions of the last Brixen meeting (working title: Update and Perspectives in Photo medicine; Proceedings of the 10th and last Brixen meeting).

Now I received a message that he suddenly passed away due to a cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, this will be now a book in memory of Giulio with the highlights of the Brixen meetings we had organized together for 20 years.

It was always a great time to collaborate with Giulio. Now I will ask you to help me to put together the contribution we already had in plan.

We all lost a friend, a leader in photobiology and a visionary. The PDT community will always remember Giulio Jori.


DSC_3422 - Arbeitskopie

Giulio explains photodynamic knowledge to fascinated students during the Brixen meeting of 2012 on October 17.


The terminal photo of all Brixen meetings: The two organizers, Giulio and Herwig are surrounded by their colleagues on October 18 2014.


Dear Giulio, your Swiss friends badly miss you!

Prof. Dr. Gilles Gasser, Councilor and Webmaster of EPPM and Prof. Dr. Heinrich Walt, Past President of EPPM

Dear Giulio, the whole PDT and Photobiology world wide and the Brixen family miss you.