Past Congresses

November 2013

The last PDT Symposium was held in Ustron (Poland) in November 2013, which was co-organized by the EPPM. The symposium site had a link to the EPPM web site:

October 2012

The last PDT Symposium was held in Bressanone/Brixen in October 2012, which was co-organized by the EPPM. The symposium site had a link to the EPPM web site. Please visit the site: where all the details of the PDT symposium are given.

The Third EPPM Congress: EPPM-3 Innsbruck, May 2011

No report available.

The Second EPPM Congress: EPPM-2 Wroclaw, Poland 5-10 September 2009 

In conjunction with the 13th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology (ESP), the 2nd Conference of the European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine was held in in the south-west part of Poland town of Wroclaw. As a participant at the EPPM Congress, access to the ESP Congress and vice versa was offered.

This joint meeting began with an opening ceremony on 4th September in the magnificent Aula of the University of Wroclaw. Professor Piotr Ziolkowski, Chairman of the local organising committee welcomed delegates and guests, following which there was a reception in which all present had the opportunity to renew old friendships.

The EPPM Scientific Programme began on Sunday 6th September. Professor Keyvan Moghissi, the President, welcomed the delegates to EPPM and opened the proceedings.

During the 3 days the programme comprised 10 sessions covering aspects of PD and PDT in all major clinical specialities, including one devoted to light and lasers. There were also two joint sessions with ESP; one for photodiagnosis and the other for drugs and their delivery. In each session there were one or two guest speakers followed by free communication.

At the end of the session on Respiratory Medicine, Keyvan Moghissi, on behalf of the EPPM, was pleased to confer upon Professor Harubumi Kato from Tokyo, an honorary membership of the EPPM in honour of his outstanding contribution to PD & PDT.


Photo of Harubumi Kato receiving his certificate of Honorary Membership of EPPM.

The standard of presentation was excellent throughout with contributions from renowned PDT clinicians and scientists worldwide.

The EPPM Council meeting was held on Sunday 6th September and, on the last day (8th September), the General Assembly was convened at which meeting appointment of new officers were confirmed. The outgoing president (Keyvan Moghissi) congratulated the president of EPPM for 2009-2011.

KM HK HW Wroclaw

Photo of K Moghissi, H Kostron and H Walt outside the Conference Centre in Wroclaw.
Left to right: K Moghissi the outgoing President, H Kostron the incoming President and H Walt the Vice-President of EPPM.

The EPPM-2 was brought to its conclusion at the Banquet when Keyvan Moghissi thanked Kristian Berg (President of ESP), Piotr Ziolkowski (Chairman of the local organising committee) and Francesco Ghetti (Secretary of ESP) for their co-operation in realising the ESP/EPPM Joint Meeting.


The First EPPM Congress: EPPM-1 Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-27 March 2008 

In early 2008, our aims were effectively achieved at the first meeting in Croatia at the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, with in-depth presentations from both the scientific and medical communities (EPPM-1). These ranged from basic photochemistry and the newest photosensitisers, to those already well established therapies and early clinical results in a wide range of modalities of treatment.

The conference was opened by Professor Zorc, Professor Moghissi and Professor Jori on Tuesday the 25th March and closed on Thursday the 27th March by Professor Zorc and Professor Moghissi, the First President of the EPPM, who thanked the organisers, the speakers and the participants. The organising committee, particularly Professor Zorc, are to be sincerely congratulated for providing the infrastructure for a wonderful first meeting.

The in-conference discussion was lively and relevant and carried over into the arranged events, proving to be an efficient and profitable networking forum; not only were old friendships re-visited but new ones established which will, no doubt, lead to flourishing working and research relationships.


Dubrovnik 2008Photo: Professor Moghissi thanking Professor Zorc at EPPM-1 in Dubrovnik, Croatia (March 2008).

Lastly, the 2008 council and the executive officers of the EPPM were nominated and voted in at this meeting. Thus ended the historic first conference of the EPPM. For archives of the conference, please see the 2008 EPPM-1 Home Page.

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