Oct 2016:

The EPPM will be participating in the Nancy Photodisgnosis and Photodyanmic Therapy Update in France, on Oct 24-28, 2016. Please note that EPPM members will be required to pay the full registration fees. The EPPM tentatively organising a session on Friday 28 Oct 2016. Please take this in consideration when planning your trip to Nancy.


Nov 2015

The EPPM  met during the PDT Symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in association with the UK-PDT Charitable Trust.

May 2014

The International Congress on Photodynamic Applications (ICPA) was held in Dundee, Scotland, in association with the EPPM and the IPA, on May 25-28, 2014.


If you want more information on other EPPM past congresses of the EPPM, click this link: Past Congresses

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