Who we are

Founded in June 2007 with the primary objective of bringing together scientists and clinicians for the furtherance of photodynamic medicine

The organization has been growing steadily since its inception. The seeds of the EPPM were sown in September 2006 in Geneva, not far from the lake and its famous landmark le Jet d’eau. After a few months gestation period, the EPPM was officially formed and in March 2008, the first meeting of the newly formed European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine was hosted at the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, Croatia. This proved to be a beautiful and highly popular venue, attracting delegates from all over Europe and around the world, including China, Russia and the USA. The founding members of the EPPM were a mixed group of clinicians, photobiologists, physicists and representatives of industry concerned with photosensitisers and PDT devices.

In this original group, there were seven clinicians, five photo-biologists/photo-chemists, and four representatives of industry.

What we do

We promote Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy

  • We bring together clinicians, researchers and those involved in the science and practice of photodiagnosis and photodynamic medicine, linking with relevant existing organisations.
  • We promote the propagation of clinical photodynamic therapy (PDT) through the training of clinicians and the raising of awareness amongst students in training and the general public.
  • We facilitate scientific research leading to clinical applications, promoting clinical trials and identify new indications as well as  expanding on those already existing.
  • We organise scientific meetings for the presentation of scientific and clinical work on Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy in its broadest sense.
  • We make representation to National and Pan-European authorities in matters concerned with photodynamic medicine and seek finance for the advancement of photodynamic therapy.



Promoting PDT wherever they go...

President: Dr Gilles Gasser

Secretary: Prof. Dr. med. Caroline Maake

Board Member: Dr Julia Buchholz