Welcome to the European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine (EPPM) website.

The Organization

The EPPM aims to bring together scientists and clinicians for the furtherance of photodynamic medicine (PDT). Current  EPPM Board members can be found here.

EPPM activities encompass the promotion of Photodiagnosis (PD) and Photodynamic Therapy  (PDT) in Europe, such as:

  • PDT- Calls for research grants – members can apply for.
  • PDT related Meetings, workshops and symposia.
  • New publications in PD and PDT.
  • PDT Companies information.
Please browse our About page to find out more about the organisation, learn about PDT and become a member. Also, visit the Projects page to learn about new research developments. Information on becoming a member of the EPPM can be found in the Membership page.
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EPPM mourns one of its co-founding members, Prof. Dr. Giulio Jori (Click here to read more)


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